professional services

Professional Services
At ethosIQ, we’ve worked side-by-side with call center agents and managers for years. Through that
experience, we’ve built a wealth of knowledge about the human factors of a high-performance
call center. Now we’re using this knowledge address their toughest recruiting and staffing needs
  • Genesys Certified Resources
  • IT Resources
  • Business Resources

Management Consulting

Management Consulting

For companies that seek best-in-class contact centers, ethosIQ is an awesome systems innovator
with a great portfolio of value-added partners.
  • Preliminary Evaluation
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Interactive Consulting Services
  • Business Transformation
  • Value Realization


Preliminary Evaluation

While the interactions that build those relationships were once managed face-to-face, they increasingly take place over various communication channels, including phones (fixed and mobile), email, the Web, and social media.  One classic communication hub is evolving into the key crossroads for all these channels: the contact center.

By focusing on improvements in the contact center, you can achieve enormous positive results across your customer base. Your center is a common resource for many processes across your customer lifecycle, and the best practitioners are enjoying significant advantages from their strong contact center operations.

ethosIQ has a proprietary process for evaluating the current operation that includes a detailed analysis of:

  • Current capabilities
  • Utilization
  • Strengths versus weaknesses

Business Transformation

Organizations that choose to make enhanced customer relationships the core of their business strategies often see interaction management as a key component of this transformation.

These businesses look for breakthrough capabilities in terms of:

  • Technology
  • Process improvement
  • People management

The consulting professionals at ethosIQ draw upon our vast knowledge of strategy, operations, and change management to ensure your call center aligns with senior management’s key initiatives and directives. Experience has shown us that this process involves addressing a wide range of business needs at different levels—both within the customer service organization and across the enterprise as a whole.

Our practitioners look well beyond technology, using proven methods to achieve three key objectives:

  • Understand the corporate culture within the enterprise
  • Understand how various business processes inter-operate to deliver the overall customer experience
  • Understand how call center applications can improve the customer experience while maintaining the agent’s value


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 Our consultants are accomplished and well rounded, with diverse backgrounds and experiences.