Self Service Applications

ethosIQ offers speed to market solutions with an Interactive Voice Response application by leveraging a reduction of overall system development and costs. 

Financial solutions
One of the major concerns in the healthcare industry is freeing up providers so they have adequate time to care for patients. Patients are provided with access to selected information, while still having their confidentiality protected.
As early adopters of customer interaction technologies, organizations in the financial services market recognize the benefits to customers of real time self-management of financial accounts and portfolios. The key is to provide tools that customers are willing to use and that give callers the right options for conducting business.
Retail solutions
ethosIQ applications provide efficient ways to manage and communicate information among retailers and customers
Government solutions
Many services provided by state and local government agencies involve information dissemination that can be automated. This capability enhances customer service by removing limitations involving an organization’s hours of operations or availability of agency personnel.
Insurance solutions
Insurance companies are constantly striving to provide a growing amount of information and services, while also containing costs to remain competitive in the marketplace. The right mix of technology solutions provides better self-service for customers, while freeing up internal resources and strengthening revenue for the business.
Technology solutions
The technology industry faces a variety of challenges in providing proactive customer service. The key is to identify areas that lend themselves to customer self-service, such as dealer locator, order status, order entry, technical dispatch and call back scheduling.
Higher education solutions
Automated functions are transforming how colleges and universities operate. Admissions, course registration and grade inquiries are just a few of the superior advantages offered through ethosIQ solutions. 
K-12 education solutions
A school district can quickly and effortlessly provide critical and timely information, such as absentee or emergency notification, homework assignments, bond measure updates and meeting changes.
Utilities solutions
With heightened competition due to deregulation, customer service is an important differentiator. Additional service offerings and enhanced customer interactions, such as automated trouble ticket/dispatch or automated meter reading, provide beneficial advantages for utility companies.