Technology trends evolve at an ever-increasing pace today, with trends becoming outdated before we even hear about them. But one trend that has survived today’s fast-paced world is artificial intelligence. AI has been a hot topic for the past few years and has stayed at the top of people’s minds as it continues to grow and evolve. It is still in the relatively early stages, but more companies are beginning to adopt AI and machine learning technology across industries. Implementing artificial intelligence in your contact center can revolutionize the customer experience and enhance operation. Here are a few ways AI can improve the Customer Experience.

AI-Powered Self-Service

AI-powered chatbots and IVR menus can shorten hold times, answer common customer service questions and enable more personalized customer service. Chatbots should not replace human agents, but rather support them. By enabling chatbots to answer frequently asked questions and ask for preliminary customer information, you can streamline customer interactions for both the agent and the customer. By the time a customer is connected to an agent, the agent will have the information gathered by the AI-powered chatbot to inform the conversation and get straight to the point. This can help resolve issues much more quickly, and make customers feel heard and valued. Simultaneously, this frees up agents to answer more questions and focus on more complex issues, increasing productivity and associate value.

Hyper Personalization

In today’s world, nearly every interaction we have is personalized – from ads on YouTube and Google to recommended videos and products on Netflix and Amazon. Artificial intelligence enables all of this personalization. While AI personalization is incredibly prevalent on the internet, it can be just as useful for contact centers across all channels. AI can pull together current data and historical data for customers and interaction in real-time, enabling more informed agents and more personalized interactions. This can make interactions much more beneficial for the customer and allows agents to skip past repetitive information gathering. It can also help with tailoring the customer journey to each client, providing the marketing at the right time, and possibly predicting interactions and issues in the future.

Real-Time Data and Predictive Analytics

Artificial intelligence can assist your organization in the utilization of all the data collected. Many companies collect vast amounts of both historical and real-time data, but this is not truly valuable without at least some manipulation. AI can discover patterns and trends in data and alert the business to actionable insight. Pulling real-time data in can make data-driven decisions more accurate and precise, enabling quicker, more informed business decisions. In addition, predictive analytics can produce real-time, actionable insights for agents to guide conversations and interactions, aka predictive engagement.

Artificial Intelligence will enable your contact center to extract even more value from existing infrastructure, data and customers. By carefully implementing AI solutions across the business, you can enhance the customer journey, and improve associate value simultaneously. Artificial intelligence enables a better understanding of the business and the customer, providing benefits for everyone involved. By leveraging AI, you can streamline business processes and improve the customer experience across all channels and through all touchpoints.