Are your BPOs pulling your leg?

By April 26, 2018Blogs

We love’em, we hate’em but we need’em; business process outsourcers (BPO). For BPO managers, we get it, they are a pain in your side. For those that don’t directly deal with BPOs in their line of business, take our word, they are a pain in our side. In fact, overall Happiness Index numbers keep dropping—a number out of 100 that weighs life expectancy, wellbeing, ecological footprint and more to determine the happiness of a country—and we are completely convinced it is because of the stress and disruption caused by BPOs.

Now that we are done being dramatic, yes, BPOs can be difficult to manage for several reasons: poor performance, high cost, inaccurate provided analytics, etc. However, the industry is growing, and is predicted to continue growing. According to Statista, in 2017 the total contract value of BPOs worldwide was 24.6 billion. Magellan Solutions reports that there were 1.3 million people employed by BPO in 2017, and the industry is expecting to see an additional 1.7 million employees in the coming years.

So then the question becomes, how do we ensure BPOs are worth it—because the industry is saying they are.

BPOs are worth investing in, if you can measure and manage your investment.
ethosIQ has just launched a patented, one-of-a-kind solution for holding BPO vendors accountable. ethosIQ’s BPO Optimizer (Business Process Outsourcer Optimizer) application provides a comprehensive, multi-vendor overview to BPOs and call center managers. This unique solution works alongside WFM management suites or similar software and is system agnostic.

What makes this solution different you ask? While it’s common for companies to use multiple vendors to help service their portfolios, it is rare companies have comprehensive, overall view of the work their vendors perform; ethosIQ can now provide this.

“We’ve never had a vendor provide as much support around a product roll out or application before,” said a fortune 500 customer. “We wish all of our products and vendors could match what ethosIQ has done for us.”
Companies outsource their call centers for multiple reasons: insufficient staffing or insufficient time for training, hiring staff, cost, lack of experience, etc. In any case, it is important that the market is providing means of analysis to all the above. ethosIQ offers value in providing solutions to adhere to the ever-changing customer experience; no solution can function without the ability to be fluid and analyze multiple interactions. BPO Optimizer can.