Understand your complete license and asset usage to ensure compliance with commercial terms on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. ethosIQ’s asset management helps eliminate the possibility of audits by enabling your organization to be more proactive with its compliance strategy. This solution enables organizations to save money and time, and also helps businesses that need to allocate costs of their call center solution across different business units.

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ethosIQ’s License Resource Manager has saved us thousands of man hours while saving us million in additional license fees and unwarranted costs.

Fortune 500 Entertainment Provider

License Monitoring

ethosIQ’s asset management software monitors actual usage for concurrent, named and enabled licensing models in 15-minute intervals for all licenses.

Reporting of License Usage

ethosIQ’s asset management software reports historical business analytics in 15-minute increments. Reports also provide awareness of potential high-water marks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Configuration Monitoring

This asset and license management solution can be used for general visibility into related trend information with business analytics reports, such as the last time agents logged in, inconsistent user configurations and more.

HR & IT Integration

Asset Management has the ability to integrate with third party systems, such as Active Directory, and report on any differences related to the configuration of users.