ethosIQ’s Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) Optimizer allows clients to manage their vendor contact center resources without requiring manual intervention through our manufacture-agnostic data collector processes. ethosIQ collects schedule and exception data, based on your desired parameters. Collection of data is transparent and doesn’t require intervention from either you or your vendor resource. You know your needs, and now you can manage those needs effectively, efficiently and effortlessly, using ethosIQ’s BPO Optimizer!

Calculate OptimizationBPO OPTIMIZER Case Study

Wow, this is going to change the way we manage our outsourcers big time; talk about potential savings!

Fortune 500 Entertainment Provider


All BPO schedules captured via appropriate WFM solution. No systemic intervention required.


BPO Optimizer translates the data into a single source. The solution provides line of sight to current schedules, by 30-minute interval through the next 30 days.

Leveraging Data

The solution drives accountability for exceptions, utilization, occupancy and schedule adherence.

BPO Optimization Calculator

This calculates the amount of dollars lost each year from inefficient Business Process Outsourcers.


Current Average Monthly Adherence %:

Current Current + 1% Best In Class 95%
Total Number of Seats Seats Seats Seats
Total Number of Daily Scheduled Hours Hours Hours Hours
Daily Productive Hours Lost Hours Hours Hours
Annual Productive Hours Lost Hours Hours Hours
Daily Dollars Lost $ $ $
Annual Dollars Lost $ $ $
Annual ROI $ $