ethosIQ is a Veteran Owned Small Business based in Houston TX. Since 2009 ethosIQ’s disparate data solutions have helped companies increase revenue and efficiencies, decrease cost, maintain capacity for growth and change and improve support and service.

ethosIQ breaks down data silos to provide a singular, comprehensive analytic view to drive data-informed decisions. Our manufacturer agnostic solution identifies and resolves data integrity issues thereby providing consistent, value-added real-time insights. These insights enable efficient and effective management of resources, measurement of the customer experience and immediate actionable insights.


ethosIQ’s Customer Engagement Platform™ (CEP) is the backbone of our solution. CEP collects multichannel interaction and application data from all vendors and channels, across multiple systems, to create a single holistic, complete view. The data collection agent is manufacture agnostic and universally adaptable. CEP gathers both real-time and historical data to showcase a full data journey, providing a complete customer experience story in one place. CEP eliminates the need for additional adapters or systematic intervention. There is no limit to collection or delivery with CEP; ethosIQ’s Customer Engagement Platform™ offers an immediate gain in aggregated data knowledge.

Core Capabilities

  • Real-Time delivery; within nano-seconds of the event
  • Scalable, repeatable and transparent analytical technical solution
  • Delivery to a third-party solution(s) or use our ethosAnalytics™ tool


  • Predictive Analytics
  • Actionable Insights
  • On Demand, Customizable Reports and Dashboards

BPO Optimizer™

  • Correlates multi-vendor, BPO data into a single platform
  • Translates -delivers schedules/changes to target WFM or custom reports

License Resource Management

  • Monitor actual concurrent usage
  • Analyze compliance and high-water marks
  • Integrates with third party systems and reports