The cloud has been a hot topic for the last few years, but it has never been more relevant than now. With the current safety measures in place due to COVID-19, more contact center employees than ever are working remotely. This applies to more than contact center agents – managers, supervisors, and IT staff have been working remotely as well. Cloud-based contact center solutions have supported this transition much more gracefully than traditional on-premise solutions. On-premise hardware, software and infrastructure require IT staff to be on-premise as well, to perform installation, maintenance, and upkeep. Cloud-based solutions provide an alternative to owning and maintaining all the necessary hardware and software. There are many benefits to using cloud-based solutions, such as ease of use, more inter-departmental transparency, and better customer service.

Here are some of the top reasons to invest in cloud-based contact center solutions:


  • Cloud-based contact center solutions are the most flexible options. The cloud removes the need to add more hardware or manually install software – it is all much easier to manage, adjust and customize. It allows your business to quickly scale up and down in response to changes without worrying about either surpluses or shortages of hardware or software licenses.

Cost Control

  • Cloud-based solutions generally have flat rate billing that is charged monthly – this is much more convenient that the large implementation fees that come with on-site solutions. In addition, maintenance, upgrades, hosting, and operations are outsourced to the solution vendor. This enables your IT resources to optimize their time and resources to provide the best customer experience possible.

Security & Compliance

  • Privacy regulations and security requirements are constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to keep up. Cloud-based solutions enable access to the highest quality security measures in comparison. Vendors and providers have entire teams dedicated to maintaining both physical and network security that would be unrealistic for the average IT organization.

Quick Deployment

  • On-premise resources often result in long downtimes when faced with new hardware and software installations or disaster recovery. By using cloud-based solutions, all your data and infrastructure is housed in an off-site data center that is less likely to be affected by potential disruptions.

Improved Customer Experience

  • All these benefits lead to one result: improved customer experience. Cloud-hosted solutions allow contact centers to use a wider variety of channels, which makes the customer experience easier. In addition, a cloud solution makes keeping up with the changing customer expectations much more efficient. Cloud-based solutions are much more scalable, flexible, and enable you to provide the best possible service.

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