Collection. Aggregation. Correlation. Reporting: Simplified and Defined

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Collection. Aggregation. Correlation. Reporting: Simplified & Defined

Today’s world is all about data. Smart phones, Computers, Apps, Cookies and many more things that make your life easier. This data is used to help optimize everything in your life. Apps can determine where your favorite places may be or where you may have parked your car. Cookies and determine what sites you may have visited most frequently or what products you might have been searching on most. This data is stored to make your life easier but can also be used to aid companies in providing a better product to their customers. ethosIQ views the data process in a simplified manner. The data alone is complex enough without overly complex ways of explaining it.

Simplified Data Is All You Need

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These are three major areas that ethosIQ specializes in. ethosIQ has put vast amounts of resources into becoming an expert at collection, aggregation and correlation and reporting. These finely tuned processes allow ethosIQ to push their cutting edge technology out to its customers to simplify their days, save them time and in turn, save them money.

Collection is the process by which data is taken and retained for a specified amount of time. This amount of time is generally determined by the amount of data and the size of the databases that are being used to store this data.  For instance, if a company was collecting 10 GB of data a day and they have a 1 TB storage maximum, data would only be able to be stored for 100 days before the oldest data would be aged off to make room for new data. It is important to understand that due to the mass amounts of data that is collected every day, there is typically always an age off with data at some point, whether that is 30 days, 100 days or a year. Maintaining this data for long periods of time becomes very costly.

Aggregation is the process by which data is taken from multiple sources and combined to store the data in one place with one format. Think of the email tool you may use on your smartphone or computer, whether it be Outlook or Apple mail. These email programs allow you to take email from multiple vendors or sites, store it all in one location and view each email in the same format. The same can be done with data from multiple sources.

Correlation is the process by which aggregated data is taken and studied to find specific relationships or connections between two or more pieces of data. Think of spare change that you save up and put in a huge bucket or water jug. Think of how hard it is to sort out the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters by hand and how long that takes. Correlation is the same type of principal, but it is taking mass amounts of data from many different categories and then comparing this data in a systematic approach.

Reporting is the process by which the desired final product is put together and distributed in a manner that is easily comprehended. This could be in charts, graphs, or any other number of visual representations.

About ethosIQ

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ethosIQ’s cloud and premised-based software has delivered business intelligence to multinational corporations and government agencies since 2009. ethosIQ’s award-winning software collects, correlates and presents data from multiple, disparate systems, empowering organizations to make informed, real-time decisions. ethosIQ software solutions provide analysis and actionable insights that enable enterprise and government organizations to deliver better customer experience while ensuring operational efficiencies and maximizing technology investments. We provide the data that enables decisions in minutes, not days or weeks. Dare to demo to discover the endless data possibilities.