Contact centers are great starting points for Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, due to the large amounts of customer data that is continuously being created. By implementing AI, all this data can be processed much more quickly, without any human error. In addition, many AI solutions, such as speech processing and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can revolutionize customer service seamlessly. AI solutions can make gauging customer sentiment easier, as well as assist agents by analyzing the customer’s tone and mood in real time. Artificial Intelligence can be a powerful tool to improve and enhance your customer journey in many ways:

Data Collection

  • AI-enabled IVRs and chatbots can collect important basic data on customers before they are connected with a live agent. This enables the customer to connect to an agent with the appropriate skills without much hassle. In addition, the data collected can also be analyzed for sentiment by an AI, which allows the agent to have a better grasp of customer needs, and also creates a more holistic customer profile.

Customer Behavior Prediction

  • AI can enhance customer behavior prediction as well. By using the sentiment analysis of customer-agent interactions, as well as the customer profile, AI solutions can assist management. By providing better insights more quickly, AI solutions will be able to prevent customer attrition and enhance the overall customer experience.

Forecasting Customer Needs

  • An AI solution can recognize customer and call types, and then route the call to the appropriate agent. It could also provide the agent with the relevant customer information, such as previous history, the reason for the call, and even potential solutions. This could also be taken even further, and an AI could use this data to predict the likelihood a customer will call, and the probable reason for the call. All of this means that the customer experiences a personalized, enhanced experience, and the agent is well-prepared for each call.

Streamlining Communications

  • By routing calls efficiently, and providing agents with necessary information on customers, AI solutions can decrease hold times and transfer times. The customer experiences timely, well-informed customer service, and there is no time wasted in holds or transfers. In addition, an AI can also be implemented to connect all the agents, so finding relevant subject matter experts when necessary is also much quicker and easier.

Cost Saving

  • Lastly, well-implemented AI solutions can drive down operating costs. While the initial cost may be high, AI solutions can help improve efficiencies and employee turnover. By taking care of the initial, repetitive information gathering, AI chatbots allow agents the focus on the important issues. By removing this burden, agents can work through more calls, and they are often more skilled and able to provide great customer service.

AI solutions are transforming contact centers in every area. It is important to choose the right solutions for your contact center, because an effective solution can transform your business. By implementing AI software, contact centers enhance customer experience, as well as operations and technology systems.