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dare to challenge with ethosIQ

Dare to Challenge

Every company has a story. Every company has a journey; every company has a past, present and future data journey. Why not document your process for a chance at improving it?

ethosIQ, a Houston-based data analytic solutions provider, specializing in data collection and correlation technology, is thrilled to launch the year-long contest, Dare to Challenge. ethosIQ is dedicated to collecting, correlating and normalizing disparate data, from multiple sources, in real time using a turnkey source agnostic technology, the Customer Engagement Platform. 

The nine-year-old company wants to hear from its audience; ethosIQ wants to know about your company’s disparate data growth opportunities. ethosIQ is granting winner with $40,000 in free pilot services.

What does this mean to you?

ethosIQ want to give you a reason to document and analyze your data collection and correlation process. By submitting a business case for Dare to Challenge:

  • You are revisiting your company’s data strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities
  • Entering to win $40,000 in cash prizes or pilot programs
  • Enhancing your customer experience through research

How to enter?

ethosIQ requires companies to qualify for the contest. After qualification survey is submitted, an ethosIQ representative will notify those that have past qualification. Once qualified, those that entered will be asked to complete a business case on how ethosIQ can help you. Please submit your essay to caitlyn.barker@ethosiq.com before July 12, 2018. The essay should include the following:

  • Background and overview of your company
  • Overview of current analytics provider or summary on why your company needs business intelligence
  • SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) of companies data collection, correlation and presentation within the company
  • Create a business case for your company using ethosIQ solutions. How do you think ethosIQ can help you?
  • Why is this something that your company wants to participate in?
Qualification Survey

Contest Rules

Contest Rules