eStreem™ enables organizations to track and analyze keywords and phrases across many media sources, including internet news sources, television, radio and social media. This real-time media monitoring allows organizations to stay up-to-date on the latest information and react quickly and efficiently to any alerts. Speech-to-text transcription, language translation, and sentiment analysis further enhance the accessibility and usability of these alerts.

eStreem Overview

Real-Time Alerts

eStreem™ alerts enable users to stay up-to-date on specific keywords, as well as allow users to access the specific flagged conversations.

Inclusive Media Monitoring

eStreem™ can pull data from a variety of sources, enabling users to watch specific keywords across channels such as television, online streaming media, news sources and social media platforms.

Customizable Keyword Library

Users can define keywords and key phrases, as well as assign sentiment values to each.

Comprehensive Dashboards

eStreem™ dashboards enable a holistic view of flagged conversations, including audio transcriptions and the sentiment scores and distributions.