Giving Back: Orphan 2 Executive

Scott Walker, ethosIQ CEO

“Like many Americans, I have been guilty of taking my many blessings for granted. Sure, I was an orphan myself and never really had a stable home until I joined the Navy. But all of this seemed like so long ago, and it’s a part of my life that I may have blocked subconsciously from my memories. That is until early in 2017, when I was in India for business and I had 36 hours before my first business meeting, so I decided to visit local orphanages. I’ll admit that I was apprehensive about this visit because I didn’t know how I would handle it emotionally. I was concerned that it would cause me to reflect on memories that I have worked so hard at suppressing for many years.

Upon arriving to these orphanages, I was greeted by the most precious human beings one could imagine. I felt love, hope, and despair all in one swing of the car door opening. These children were so appreciative of the smallest gift of my time. It means even more to me every time I reflect on this visit and realize how special these children felt just knowing that someone cared enough to stop in and visit them. It was at this point that I felt like my whole life’s purpose came into perspective. I have always aspired to be a charitable person, but the look on these children’s faces made me want to do more. I felt so energized from my interactions with these kids.

Today, my wife and I are licensed Foster Parents and we have adopted a nine-year-old girl. She brings us joy every single day, and I find myself wondering why it took me so long to get to this point. When I meet with other executives, I like to dive into their cause. It is our duty to give back, even if it’s just a little. What is your cause? I now know my cause.

It was at this point that I decided to dedicate some of my time to create a new organization that will invest in the futures of orphans, something I would have valued as a child and young adult. This organization, Orphan to Executive (o2Exec), will focus on helping “Orphans to Executive” with a focus to have business executives and leaders sponsor and mentor orphaned and disadvantaged youth, guiding them on a path to a successful future.

Orphan to Executive was created to help children who possess the desire to succeed with an Executive mentor. The organization does not require your money, it only requires your executive experience and your time. As an Executive mentor, Orphan to Executive will work to pair you with an ideal child. Mentoring takes place as required through a method of your choosing.”

Giving Back

At ethosIQ, one of our key core values is maintaining a culture of giving back to important charitable organizations that focus on supporting orphaned children across the globe. We invite you to learn more about the charity that is near and dear to our hearts, Family Legacy. Help comes in many ways, not just through financial donations, but time and other efforts, could make a difference to one, if not many!

In addition, ethosIQ CEO, Scott Walker, has invested his time in a cause that allows executives to donate their time to mentor and foster orphaned, disadvantaged youth, Orphan 2 Executives.