How to Destroy Data Silos in the Contact Center

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How to Destroy Data Silos in the Contact Center

With some much data and insight at our fingertips, improving business efficiencies has never been easier. However, destroying data silos and bring data together in a unified view, is still an issue in the contact center. According to a 2018 Contact Babel report, 43% of B2B companies and 62% of B2C companies find not having a singular view of the customer experience journey across all channels a major problem. So how can contact centers destroy data silos to increase revenue, decrease cost and enhance customer experience? I am so glad you asked.

ethosIQ is a data collection and analytic solution provider that specializes in real time collection, aggregation and visualization of disparate data spread across multiple platforms. We help companies destroy data silos to get a unified view of their data.

How do we do it?

ethosIQ uses its award-winning data collector, the Customer Engagement Platform, to collect data from multiple platforms or solutions. We take in the data, aggregate the data, and translate the data.

ethosIQ then pushes newly aggregated data to a target (s) of your choice. This could mean ethosAnalytics, an existing reporting platform, a WFM platform etc.

The benefit of destroy data silos is viewing all data in one, singular place. This saves time, resources and enhances efficiencies.

For Example:

Let’s say a company uses NICE, Genesys and Verint systems. They have an opportunity of growth with pulling data from all sources into one, comprehensive dashboard. This organization wants to see both workforce management data, merged with its contact center data to enhance the customer experience.

This company reaches out to ethosIQ and expresses the challenge in accessing critical management information at the right time, in the right format. Excessive resource time for data integration and translation into a unified format is inhibiting disparate application success.

ethosIQ implements the Customer Engagement Platform and ethosAnalytics. The organization officially destroys data silos in their contact center. The company can make real time, data-informed decisions with a singular dashboard. This new insight can help increase efficiencies and revenue, decrease cost, maintain capacity for growth and change and improve support and service.

Regardless of system, source, industry or type of data, ethosIQ is committed to helping companies thrive by efficiently utilizing of data.