COVID-19 Vaccine Communications and Customer Experience Support Services

ethosIQ is eager to work with all of Texas’s Cities and Counties to outline a plan that is tailored for your community. Visit the Last Dose Last Mile website for more information and app demos!



ethosIQ can streamline your Vaccination Strategy with inbound and outbound communications, process management, technology solutions and professional services.


ethosIQ will serve as a private partner to local government entities to help ensure constituents’ within the last mile receive the last dose of the vaccine.


ethosIQ can help local governments respond to constituent questions at the local level regard to vaccine distribution and planning.


ethosIQ will take the pressure off the local government to ensure communication and reminders are flowing outward to residents of the community


ethosIQ will help ensure each constituent is reminded of their upcoming 2nd vaccine does in a timely manner, answer constituent questions, and ultimately aid the local government  to ensure THEIR community is receiving the vaccine timely and effectively.


ethosIQ will work with local governments until CARES Act funding is reimbursed from the state level.  The use or loose CARES Act funds expire on December 30.  In the event a local government does not have immediate access to funding, ethosIQ can initiate services, in turn giving the local government time to seek reimbursement at the state level.


ethosIQ has a suite of services centered around People, Processes and Technology. Our method of integrating these three pillars of support can be quickly and seamlessly implemented to provide organizational support and manifested in a rapidly deployable capability for organizations looking to execute on their vaccine implementation plan. At the state level or more organically (county/city/town), we are confident that based on the published strategy, we can add value. The services we offer are outlined at a high level below.

CRM Case Management
Enables state and local governments, and public health organizations to collect information on contact tracing and conduct follow-up. It also allows users to self-report positive disease conditions and receive guidance. Our system can integrate with an organization’s existing CRM, benefitting management and public health case management systems by normalizing data and facilitating easy, comprehensive analysis and reporting.


Contact Tracing
Capabilities can be activated, with individuals participating on an opt-in basis, to create a network of information to trace contacts for employees, visitors and contractors. The solution also offers basic features for residents to receive treatment information and self-report symptoms.
Call Center Operations
Provide support for establishment, configuration and operations of a customer support center. This includes telephone support, contact tracing agents, chatbot and voice to text, and multi-language support. We maintain HIPAA compliant processes and protocols to ensure that your constituents get correct, consistent messaging to drive public confidence in the vaccine. Questions will arise and will need to be answered expeditiously and in a clear, commanding way. Our script-based messaging solutions will ensure that the message your organization wants to send is promulgated in the most efficient manner possible.
Vaccine Testing Process Optimization
Enables state and local governments and public health organizations to identify potential improvements to end-to-end testing processes, test data integration and reporting, and assess technology system implications.
Advanced Analytics
Our solution can pair contact tracing and case management data with external data sources to provide deeper insights into where COVID-19 is spreading, where vulnerable populations are located, how to manage PPE inventory and how to deploy health resources to drive greater impact. We can also serve as a central reporting and communications repository for any adverse effects and track where any anomalies are occurring. Data collection and integrity are key to predictive analytics. We are experts at turning data into actionable intelligence.
Mission and Strategic Support
Strategic and operational services to state and local public health agencies by augmenting core services, leveraging existing competencies, and identifying and building partnerships. Areas of support include project management and strategic planning; management of emergency funds; population health and social drivers of health; clinical and supply chain expertise, and multi-agency coordination and process mapping.
Reopening Support
Solutions that help organizations open physical locations under CDC guidance and support the remote workforce. It supports workplace social distancing management, client scheduling and lobby experience, targeted workforce pulsing and communications, with residents and businesses and virtual appointments.


If you need additional information or would like to schedule a call to see how ethosIQ can help you with your Vaccine Communications and Vaccine Customer Experience, please contact us today. Our sales team is standing by, ready to work with you to get this done as quickly as possible.

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