collect, correlate and leverage disparate data by analytic veteran owned small business
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At ethosIQ we collect, correlate and leverage disparate data across multiple platforms in real time. ethosIQ takes big data and transforms it into actionable insights at your fingertips. Dare to demo to discover the endless data possibilities.

collect, correlate and leverage disparate data by analytic veteran owned small business

Customer Engagement Platform

Data Collection Made Easy

A data collection application that is capable of connecting to a virtually unlimited number of sources. The architecture is designed to allow multiple connections to multiple systems, regardless of manufacturer.

Single Agent ID

Data collection designed to connect multiple manufactures with products and the associated Agent IDs, transforming the application into a single customized identifier.

Data Correlation

CEP collects data and creates a unique capability across multiple channels to include Voice Calls, Kiosk, Retail point of sales, Handheld Devices, Websites, Email, Chat & SMS

Real-time Output

Third-party vendors are not required to make any programming or source code changes. ethosIQ preforms all of the heavy lifting while adhering to the manufacturer’s preferred format.


ethosIQ’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) collects multichannel interactions and application data from all vendors and channels, across multiple systems, to create a single, comprehensive view. The data collection agent is manufacture agnostic and universally adaptable. CEP gathers both real-time and historical data to showcase a full data journey, providing a complete customer experience story in one place. CEP eliminates he need for additional adapters or systematic intervention. There is no limit to collection or delivery with CEP; ethosIQ’s Customer Engagement Platform offers an immediate gain in aggregated data knowledge. ethosIQ offers a ‘light’ version of CEP to provide our customers with a proof of concept. Contact ethosIQ to find out if you qualify.

Customer Engagement Platform