Joining the Strategic Partner Program

    Offer your clients the leading data collection and integration solution. ethosIQ complements a variety of partner types, including:

    • Value Added Resellers
    • Consultant Resellers
    • Referral Partners

    Partnering with ethosIQ

    Companies around the world partner with ethosIQ for our expertise in integrating disparate data sources and ability to collect data across multiple systems to provide a single source of truth. ethosIQ provides a comprehensive, real time view across disparate systems, vendors and channels that allows organizations to enhance customer experience and increase efficiencies and revenue. Partnering with ethosIQ will allow you to:

    • Measure and manage your client’s siloed data
    • Create visibility into business efficiencies and customer experience
    • Bridge interoperability and visualization gaps by creating a unified stream of data

    Software Offerings

    ethosIQ’s patented software drives value realization with your client engagement:

    • Customer Engagement Platform – ethosIQ collects multichannel interaction and application data from all channels across multiple systems and provides a single, complete data source.
    • ethosAnalytics – ethosIQ leverages data to provide continuous intelligence that enhances the customer experience and beyond, and provides real time updates that are flexible in design and based upon the individual needs and desires of our clients
    • BPO Optimizer –ethosIQ provides an automated, comprehensive, multi-vendor overview in a singular system that gathers and correlates all your BPO data in one easy-to-use platform
    • License Resource Manager – ethosIQ helps eliminate the possibility of audits by enabling your organization to be more proactive with its compliance strategy

    Engagement Models

    • Value Added Reseller – a program used by partners with a resell model.
    • Consultant Reseller – A program used by contact center consultants for relationship-based sales.
    • Referral – a program for sales referrals from industry and non-industry related professionals. Contracted Referral Partners provide qualified opportunity introductions to ethosIQ.