ethosIQ’s offerings are among the most mature I’ve encountered in the market.

VP of Information TechnologyFortune 200

ethosIQ’s License Resource Manager has saved us thousands of man hours while saving millions in additional license fees and unwarranted costs!

Compliance DirectorFortune 50 Insurance Provider

We’ve never had a vendor provide as much support around a product roll out or application before. We wish all of our products and vendors could match what ethosIQ has done for us.

Fortune 500 Customer

Unique Data Collection

ethosIQ collects disparate data across multiple platforms in real time through a source-agnostic platform, the Customer Engagement Platform (CEP). This provides companies with strategic data insight into the customer experience.

Analytics Dashboard

ethosAnalytics is an agile, customizable analytics dashboard that provides interactive intelligence to allow companies to track and measure their customer effort and enhance their customer experience (CX).

Industry Specific Solutions

ethosIQ provides analytics and data insight to numerous industries: Insurance, Utilities, Healthcare, Finance, High Tech, Telecommunications, Travel & Hospitality, Outsourcers, Government and many more.

ethosIQ is proud of the employee-focused and forward-thinking culture that has been built over the past decade. This culture strives for excellence and innovation by driving organizational vision, providing a clear purpose. Our associate value is redefined through the mastery of roles with a focus on high performers. Our team’s resilience to change allows us to pioneer solutions which are scalable, repeatable and ultimately give companies the ability to make informed, data-driven decisions.