Consulting & Best Practices
Our Contact Center and Artificial Intelligence experts provide you with strategic guidance and recommendations regarding the most impactful solutions which can immediately lower your cost to serve, and improve customer satisfaction. ethosIQ will perform a complete analysis of your existing environment, match those with your business and technical requirements, and provide with the most optimal recommendations.

Design and Implementation
Understanding your business needs and technical requirements allows our consultants to provide the best solution for your environment. ethosIQ performs all discovery tasks and documents all requirements gathered. Once all data has been compiled, we can provide the optimum design, and create a plan aligned with your needs, a rapid return on investment, all according to your pre-approved strategy.

Application Development and Customization/Integration
ethosIQ development team are experts at the development, customization, and integration of Artificial Intelligence and GenAI bots, AI Modeling, integration with available API, and other Contact Center customizations. Our tailored solutions are created for your specific business needs. Seamless integration with other systems is achieved for optimum customer and agent experience

QA Testing and Production Rollout
Once our developers complete their systems integration testing, the solution is delivered to our experts in Quality Assurance. ethosIQ’s QA team are meticulous at executing test plans, not only those which confirm all functionality (happy path), but also those unexpected use cases (error branches). Production roll out is executed in phases in a controlled manner, to reduce risk and achieve success and adoption

Managed Services
In addition to the services depicted above, ethosIQ also provides the following services:
Business Process Outsourcing – voice, email, chat, SMS, Social Networks of omnichannel agents, answering all of your interactions on your behalf

Contact Center Management – As part of our BPO offer, we can also manage your contact center, providing real time operations support, real time and historical reporting, contact center optimization, service level agreements, workforce management, and total quality monitoring

Technical Assistance Center – Whether you are a BPO customer of ours, or have your own contact center, we can provide a 24x7x365 technical assistance center for all of your agents, supervisors, and administrators’ needs. All of this, under our service level agreements

Network Operations Center – Our NOC will provide you a peace of mind while in production. ethosIQ proactively monitors your entire Contact Center Solutions and Applications, anticipating any outage and service degradation. We guarantee our service level agreements

Technical Account Management  – Once we complete a contact center implementation, our TAM specialists will remain with you, ensuring you are constantly satisfied and enjoying your successful implementation. ethosIQ is ready for any additional tasks and projects you might require.