collect, correlate and leverage disparate data by analytic veteran owned small business
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At ethosIQ we collect, correlate and leverage disparate data across multiple platforms in real time. ethosIQ takes big data and transforms it into actionable insights at your fingertips. Dare to demo to discover the endless data possibilities.

collect, correlate and leverage disparate data by analytic veteran owned small business


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Data Collection

ethosIQ’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) collects multichannel interaction and application data from all channels, across multiple systems, providing a single, complete data source for ethosAnalytics to access and display information in useful, usable ways. CEP provides companies with scalable and repeatable software for big data solutions.

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Analytics Dashboard

ethosAnalytics leverages data to provide business intelligence to enhance the customer experience and beyond. The analytics dashboards are customized based on client needs; ethosIQ allows data-driven decisions in seconds or minutes– not days or weeks.

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Business Process Outsourcer Optimizer (BPO Optimizer)

ethosIQ’s BPO optimizer allows clients to manage their vendor contact center resources, without requiring manual intervention, through our manufacturer and agnostic data collector processes. ethosIQ collects schedule and exception data, based on YOUR desired parameters. Collection of data is “transparent” and does not require intervention from either you or your vendor resource.

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Asset Management

Understand your complete license usage to ensure compliance with commercial terms on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. ethosIQ helps eliminate the possibility of audits by enabling your organization to be more proactive with its compliance strategy.

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Industry Specific Solutions

ethosIQ provides big data solutions and analytics dashboards to several industries; Insurance, utility, healthcare, financial, streaming media, telecommunications, travel & hospitality, government, business process outsourcers and many more.


The Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) is a source agnostic disparate data collector. CEP feeds into ethosAnalytics (eA), a visual, customizable analytics dashboard that reports big data analytics in real time. Depending on client needs, the dashboard can include various other solutions; Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) Optimizer, asset management or industry specific solutions.