Technologies we support:

CCASS Providers: Genesys Cloud CX;
AI/GenAI Providers: Google CCAI DialogFlow; Google VertexAI; Google DuetAI, Google BigQuery, Genesys Dialog Engine
CRM Solutions: SFDC Service/Sales/Marketing Cloud

Applications we develop:

Customer Facing Applications:

  • Voicebots, Chatbots, SMS Bots, Emailbots, Other …
    • ethosIQ’s AI Engineers focus on the development of highly effective and adoptable bots for omnichannel contact center solutions. Our solutions are focused on: Customer Satisfaction via a skillfully designed user interface (persona); self-services, empowering customers to fulfil your services themselves,; channel containment, via avoidance of a live agent; and channel deflection, by allowing your customers to communicate with you via their channel of preference.
    • Our main bot applications include the following topics:
      • Creation of Personas
      • Enhanced Generative AI Self Services
      • Identification of Customer Intent
      • Identification and authentication of your Customers
      • Easy integration with external applications
      • Real Time Interaction Transcription and Post-Interaction Surveys
      • Multiple languages (about 220 languages)
  • Benefits:
    • Channel Containment: Reduce calls routed to agents​ via self services
    • Lower cost to serve: Reduce cost per interaction while avoiding the most expensive contact center resource (your agents)​
    • Bots interacting with Agents: data collected by bot passed to agents, allowing empowerment ​
    • Improved customer satisfaction via self services
    • Dramatic increase in First Contact Resolution and reduction of Average Handle Tim


Agent Facing Applications:

  • Agent Assist
    • ethosIQ’s development engineers will provide a seamless integration of Agent Assist with your favorite CRM. This allows a super user Inteface to the agent making it a delightful experience true to the nature of Artificial Intelligence. The following features are supported by Agent Assist (a.k.a. Agent Bot)
      • Live Transcription: Transcribes all interactions between customer and agent automatically. Used for contact analytics and QA post-call
      • Knowledge Assist: Surfaces useful documents and FAQ answers to help call center agents serve customers quickly
      • Virtual Agent Assist: Provides guidance on the conversation flow to the agent from the identified customer intent
      • Smart Reply: Suggests chat responses for the agent using conversation context
      • Smart Compose: Auto-completion of chat responses for the agent using conversation context
  • Benefits:
    • Agents spend less time looking for answers to customers questions
    • Agents can focus on empathizing and delivery of customer service
    • Particularly useful for new agents who are less familiar with the taxonomy of the business
    • Bots interacting with Agents: data collected by bot passed to agents, allowing empowerment ​
    • Dramatic increase in First Contact Resolution and reduction of Average Handle Time
    • Reduces Agent Training time​ by allowing the Agent bot to guide agents in the pursue of customer satisfaction


AI Analytics Applications:

  • The following features are supported by AI Analytics
    1. Performance Management​
    2. Total Quality Monitoring​
    3. Real Time Analytics​
    4. Historical Analytics​
    5. Customer Service Management​
    6. Unified Data and Customer Persona Management give agents the full power of knowing your customer.
  • Benefits:
    • Unified orchestration engine for CX/EX experiences
    • Build once, leverage across omnichannel
    • Enterprise interaction prioritization across all interaction channels
    • Journey context awareness across all customer touchpoints
    • Reduce cost to serve
    • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction


Managed Services

  • Business Process Outsourcing – voice, email, chat, SMS, Social Networks of omnichannel agents, answering all of your interactions on your behalf
  • Contact Center Management – As part of our BPO offer, we can also manage your contact center, providing real time operations support, real time and historical reporting, contact center optimization, service level agreements, workforce management, and total quality monitoring
  • Technical Assistance Center – Whether you are a BPO customer of ours, or have your own contact center, we can provide a 24x7x365 technical assistance center for all of your agents, supervisors, and administrators’ needs. All of this, under our service level agreements
  • Network Operations Center – Our NOC will provide you a peace of mind while in production. ethosIQ proactively monitors your entire Contact Center Solutions and Applications, anticipating any outage and service degradation. We guarantee our service level agreements. NOC operations also includes Event Management and Service Management
  • Technical Account Management  – Once we complete a contact center implementation, our TAM specialists will remain with you, ensuring you are constantly satisfied and enjoying your successful implementation. ethosIQ is ready for any additional tasks and projects you might require.
  • Benefits:
    • One stop for all your contact center needs supported by a team of Contact Center and AI/GenAI application development teams
    • Program and Project Management capabilities within the ranks of our service offering
    • Support and Management Services to ensure you maximize the value of your investment into the contact center.
    • Peace of mind for your contact center operations.